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The workshop was a great experience. I learned about rule one from a couple of friends at work who are having fantastic results. It's very encouraging to learn that investing with great results are achievable for the novice. I'm looking forward to putting these teachings into practice!

, Jet engine technician
"The Guidance I Needed"

After reading a few of Phil's books and listening to the Invested podcast, this workshop was just what I needed to feel confident in putting all the things I had read and heard into practice. I was especially thankful for the interaction with the coaches during the breakout sessions. Being able to check and ensure I was on the right track was priceless!

, Teacher
"I feel I was just taught something very special"

Wow! Thank you. I loved the Workshop - everything from content to way of delivery to follow up. A great balance between investing, trading and developing the right personality. I don't know where this journey will take me but this may just be the "secret they don't teach you", that can help me grow my money. I am ready to give 100%.

, Management Consultant
"Time well Spent!"

The workshop really did exceed my expectations, I am now quite confident that the information I was given will take my investing to a new level. The mentoring and continued support was quite unexpected and really proves Phil wants to give back and help novice investors like myself. Thank You Sir!

, Insurance Adjuster
"I am so grateful"

Thank you the experience was amazing for me, the following day just to wake up and being able to apply what I learned it a sensational feeling, that thanks to the course being extremely interactive, thank you.

, Construction
"I promise you wouldn't regret it!"

The 3 days workshop is the BEST workshop that I have attended in my life, with the knowledge that Phil Town and the teams provided, it opens a door with opportunity, and I have to walk towards it now. I'm so glad to be in Rule #1 family!

, Software Developer
"I'm Amazed!"

I truly loved the 3 days spent with your team. I wish I would have taken it years in advance. Thank you so much!

, Finance

What an eye opener, everything I thought I knew about investing was misleading. I've learned more during th 3 day workshop, than I have in the 20 years that I've been investing. I'm excited and confident that I can create generational wealth for my family using the Rule one principles!

, Retired Military
"Life changing "

The 3 day event was great! What you learned can change your family’s lives Create generational wealth!

, Social Worker

The information provided in this seminar is truly life altering. I can't imagine trying to navigate investing without having taken this course. Best 3 days I've ever spent.

, Mortgage Operations
"I thought I knew it all..."

I've been following Phil from the past 3 years through his books, podcast and You Tube channel. The Rule #1 workshop was an amazing experience. Full of information and trading practices that can't found anywhere else. All the coaches and speakers were very clear and engaging. Highly Recommend.

, Self-Employed
"Amazing, so much info and practical help"

Thank you for such a well taught, well planned workshop. I'm new to investing, and have a lot of fear and emotions around money and investing. I was amazed at how inspiring, practical, and hands on this workshop was. I was also encouraged by how genuine and down to earth Phil Town was, and the testimonies and teaching skills of his instructors and coaches. Thank you all for your passion, knowledge, and skill to truly help people get financially independent and provide so much hope.

, Writer
"Great Workshop"

You put on a very good workshop. It was very informative as it contained a lot of good information about investing and trading. At my age (78), I am more interested in trading. I will use the investing method you taught to set up some small accounts for my grandchildren. I just started studying this stuff and enjoy it. I look at it more as a challenge to make money trading, kind of like a card game. It keeps my mind stimulated. Just want to say Thank You to you and your staff, who were very helpful and friendly. Maybe someday I will get down south and say hello.

, Retired
"Awesome class to setup for my future. "

This was an awesome class giving me the tools to be able to succeed in my future financial freedom. It was well put together and the breakout sessions helped tremendously. I would recommend to anyone who wants to take control of their future.

, Occupational Safety and Health

I loved the workshop. I very much enjoyed learning how to analyze companies, and for the first time I started to understand how options work. I also really benefited and enjoyed the zoom sessions with our coach. Can't wait to continue learning and to work on the first exercises later today!

, self-employed
"Great Experience"

This was a great time learning how to take control of my financial future. Loved the information and the motivation!

, Facility Manager

Have you been to the Rule #1 Virtual Investing Workshop?

The Rule #1 Virtual Investing Workshop is a 3-day interactive event featuring Phil Town and his coaches, providing the same hands-on education taught at the Rule #1 in-person workshops, only from the comfort of your home. Students will learn how to invest like the best investors in the world using the same proven concepts as the top world investors like Warren Buffett.

During these 3 days, students will begin their investing journey by learning how to find and buy great companies to invest in at half price and create a market-crash portfolio.